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Fleas and Flea Control West Rand

They are tiny, robust, external parasites which feed off the blood of animals and humans. There are approximately 2500 species of fleas found throughout the world and they provide a constant source of annoyance, discomfort and risk of disease to both humans and animals.


Our Treatment Process

In order to eradicate a flea infestation successfully, it is necessary to undergo two treatments, paying careful attention to the harvesting ground and understanding flea habits, for which our teams are well trained and equipped.

For complete extermination, the entire inside of the house as well as the outside must be treated.  Pets and their surrounding areas must also be attended to for best results.

To minimize opportunities for fleas to thrive, keep your home and premises as clean as possible, wash pet blankets weekly and be on the lookout for pests which carry fleas such as other dogs, cats, rats or pigeons, as they are sources of contamination.

Flea Facts

Throughout the world there are approximately 2500 species of fleas.  They are tiny, robust, external parasites which feed off the blood of animals and humans.  They are wingless insects with mouthparts adapted for piercing skin and sucking blood.  Their lifespan can last from one year to several which gives them plenty of time to breed with females laying eggs every 30 to 90 days, depending on conditions.  One female can generate over 5000 eggs during her lifetime.

Effect on Health

Being blood sucking insects, fleas are very annoying to humans and cause even more discomfort in animals and household pets.  When a flea bites into the skin, it releases a chemical in its saliva which triggers an immune response, and this is what causes the itching and inflammation at the bite site.  Animals and pets can develop flea allergies from the bites causing immense discomfort.

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