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Rodents and Rodent Control West Rand

Rats are notorious throughout history for the transmission of deadly diseases like Murine Typhus, Salmonella and Rat Bite Fever. They are larger than mice and breed very fast causing immense damage to stored goods, and wiring, and are also attracted to areas where there is food storage.


Our Treatment Process

Rats are extremely resourceful and find living among humans highly convenient as there is an endless supply of food and waste upon which to thrive.

Most companies, some strict residential complexes and commercial businesses adhere to specific regulations when it comes to dealing with a rat infestation and insist on certified / licensed and trained professional intervention to reduce or eradicate the problem.  Rats are attracted to moist, dark areas where there is an abundance of food and waste. They are specifically found around pipes, behind walls, near rubbish bins or stored food and even in your house’s ceiling, which provides a snug place for them to breed.

Rats are highly mobile and it is important for municipal workers and individuals to work together to achieve effective rat control.  Regular and efficient waste management is key.

Ground Treatments

We understand how and where to locate different kinds of rats and rodents with different types of environmentally responsible yet highly effective poisons and treatments to address infestation.  Our teams are trained in locating harvesting areas of rodents.  The poisons we use have a low secondary contamination rate for animals such as cats, owls or dogs who may ingest a contaminated rodent.

Our child and pet safe tamperproof bait stations or rodent bait stations are filled with poisonous wax blocks which are attractive to the rodents and used as feeding stations. These boxes or stations are the strongest available and have a locking mechanism to prevent children and pets gaining accidental direct access to the contents within.  Aside from the wax blocks, the poisons also come in liquid or powder form.

Roof Treatment

When we treat roof areas where there is a rat infestation, we expect prompt results.  If you detect a bad smell coming from your ceiling from a rat having died from our treatment, we offer one free call out per service, during working hours, to remove the dead rats from your ceiling.

Rodent and Rat Facts

Rats are long-tailed, medium sized rodents which are resilient mammals, able to survive in diverse environments under extreme conditions.  They are intelligent and resourceful and have numerous strategies for survival.  The black rat and the brown rat are most commonly known to humans.  They are much larger than mice and have a varied diet.  They are opportunistic and will eat whatever is available.

Effect on Health

The Centre for Disease Control lists almost a dozen diseases which can be directly linked to rats.  Throughout history, rats have earned a bad reputation for transmitting diseases which are deadly to humans such as Murine Typhus, Rat Bite Fever and Salmonellosis.

Foot and Mouth disease is also link to rat infestation.

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