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Soil Poisoning Johannesburg

Our Treatment Process

Treatment of the soil prior to construction is necessary to prevent the new structure from being the target of termite infestation.  The treatment creates a barrier between the soil and the building to discourage termites from establishing a colony and using the structure as a food source.

A thorough surface spray is applied on all trenches, compacted soil, and surface areas on which the structure is to be built.  Ideally, it is best if the plastic is laid or concrete slab is thrown soon after the soil poisoning is done.  This ensures that rainwater does not dilute the pesticide or that the efficacy of the soil poisoning is not reduced by the sun breaking down the chemicals.

The pesticide settles into the soil after application and binds with the soil particles creating a barrier so that the termites cannot gain access into a structure.

All structures, like home, office buildings, storage areas, regardless of their construction type, can become a food source for termites.  These insects feed on the cambium in wood, and if there is any wood present in a structure, the termites alert the rest of the colony and the feeding frenzy begins. Soil Poisoning is very effective in preventing a termite infestation.

Once Pre-construction Soil Poisoning treatment has been conducted, a 5 Year Guarantee as well as a Certificate is issued pertaining to the treated area which covers the foundation of the structure treated.

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